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The Eye of Calchas, Available Now on Kindle

Experience the thrill of the supernatural, strange, and horror genre with my new anthology collection, The Eye Of Calchas. From The Balmoral File to The Meal and The Attic, this collection offers a range of captivating stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

The Meal has been praised as "highly original" by none other than Andrew Neiderman, the author of The Devil's Advocate. On the other hand, The Attic has been hailed as "a gripping read from start to finish" by Dan Largent, the writer of Before We Ever and After Edgewater.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into a world of mystery, terror, and suspense. Get your copy of The Eye Of Calchas today and immerse yourself in the supernatural, strange, and horror stories like never before.

Carl Innes is a Canadian author who writes at night when his personal demons visit. He draws inspiration from his past careers as a soldier, police officer, and security consultant, as well as his childhood exposure to Hammer House of Horror, The Twilight Zone, Marvel comics, and Ray Bradbury. His writing style combines pragmatism and drama, and is often based on real-life experiences with a touch of horror and the supernatural. The aim is to draw in readers with a story that has a basis in reality, but is made more palatable with the addition of supernatural and horrific elements.


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