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The Attic


by Carl Innes

Butterfly Temples Studio is extremely proud and excited to share the latest work The Attic, by Carl Innes. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.


With an interwoven writing style reminiscent of the great Arthur Conan Doyle and E.A. Poe, Innes portrays a cinematic vision with a haunting zeal that brings alive the Stephen King in us all. Riding that line of the supernatural and Hitchcock-like shadow of suspense, The Attic draws us into an almost one scene theatrical play in which Simon, the protagonist, is forced to face his mortal fears and guide the remaining children on through to the other side...

"The Attic is a gripping read from start to finish. Carl Innes has managed to create an endearing, yet haunting, tale. It is not often that a short story becomes emblazoned into my long-term memory, but The Attic has accomplished just that. Bravo, Mr. Innes, and please continue to share your gift!" 


-Dan Largent 

Author of Before We Ever Spoke and After Edgewater 

Selected excerpt from The Attic:

"A few minutes passed then a deep growling sound heralded the ignition of the furnace in the basement. Simon froze in terror momentarily but remained stoic, conscious of the fact that the children would be watching him from their hiding place behind the boxes.

He turned and spoke into the gloom to the others. “He’ll be coming in a while”. “A while” could mean anywhere from thirty minutes up to two hours. Regardless of how long it was before the man appeared it was customary that the children would remain hidden. 

Simon sat on the top step looking down at the door that always remained locked. He stayed on the top step until he heard the faint sounds drifting through the house of the man humming as he came up from the basement..."

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