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Kung Fu Lion by Froukje Tan (Director & Writer)

The invisible heroes who teach our children about dedication have been my inspiration for #KungFuLeeuw...

I had just moved to Rotterdam and was doing a #taichi course at the Community Center when I met my #Sifu (grandmaster) for the first time. The first thing I learned from him was that Tai Chi is not so much a healthy movement theory as a form of #martialarts.

It is now 25 years later and I am still a student of my Sifu F.W. Kong.

Tai chi has become as necessary to me as brushing my teeth. It helps me to keep my mind calm; keep my wandering thoughts in line.

But I'm not alone. At my Kungfu school (Dutch Wushu Academy Xia Quan) I have seen many students come as a child and leave as a young adult.

My Shifu sometimes gets sad about students who drop out after a few years of intensive training.

But when I meet former students, I see how his lessons have left an indelible impression upon them. They have learned to find something worthwhile, to want to fight for something, to be disciplined, to sweat, to work and to persevere. In short, they have learned to keep their attention and focus.

Now that… is Kung Fu.

That is why I also dedicate this film to all those trainers who do the same and want to give us or our children something important in life; whether they are called Sifu, Sensei or Master....

They are true heroes.

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It is still running at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, among others, in the education and RTM programme. But you still get the chance to see it in your own city, because Kung Fu Lion will be released in cinemas nationwide from February 16.

Froukje Tan

Kung Fu Lion

Directed & Written by Froukje Tan

Original Score by Roc Chen & Joshua Love


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