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Siddhartha was written on the 28th floor of an apartment in Chengdu, China by Lukáš Raška, Fei Fei, Heather Love and Joshua Love during a very vibrant and organic time. Proximity Butterfly's drummer had already been on hiatus because of some inner drama involving members of the band and a major shift was being made to basically do away with a drummer altogether. The drummer was livid. He said, "You choose me or them!" I asked, why can't we just all work together? "You choose me or them!". We chose them. The band would later go on a national tour promoting Medusae, their last album with Maybe Mars, with a sit-in drummer, but perform many shows without, proving that, well... music can be powerful any way you present it. With Lukas' deep passion for industrial rock and ominous guitar sounds, he lead the diatribe that quickly unfolded into a barrage of powerful metaphors and moving ideologies. "I saw a sign and I panicked, don't know what to do". The intensity of the lyrics perfectly matches the intense thrust of sounds that wraps the strange rhythms of this track. It only makes you wonder what other creations rest within this time period (I have an idea...).

Siddhartha will be available tomorrow on Spotify, iTunes and blasting out of the Dunkin Donuts truck that blazes by your house every morning. But you can catch a taste here, first.

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