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99.7 Million Views - These Trees - China

In July of 2017, Joshua C Love was joined by his wife and daughter to Beijing to showcase some of his new material on Tencent's largest live video platform. At the time, the live audience reached 2.7 million viewers and months following reached the tens of millions. The video is just shy of hitting the 100 million marker in China. Its about time to bring that music over to western audiences.

From JCL's newly released album Mirage, These Trees is that "slow-burner" that draws you into the paths of a colourful space.

Come have a listen, leave a comment, subscribe, like or scream from a mountain. Either way, feel the music.

These Trees Music & Lyrics by Joshua C Love Recorded at Butterfly Temples Studio [Toronto] Mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering Photograph by Michal Pachniewski Design by Dukun

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