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Girl or Woman?

Every time I think of the MeToo movement, I think of my daughter. I think of how scared I was when I found out that we were having a daughter. I feared for her in this world in which men take and take and take. I saw and knew that nature within myself, the thoughts that crossed my mind on a regular basis, the unsanitary consciousness that tests a man's integrity. Men are, genetically, cut from a different cloth. It's a fundamental given, or a social norm, to allow the animal nature of males to rampage. In nature, males are often much larger than females and don't exude the most compassionate behaviour (bears, elephant seals, lions etc.). That beast-like nature is difficult to contain. I have two sons so I am very aware of the hormonal conduct of boys. They claw, climb, break and explore in ways that do not calculate risk. My daughter is much more logical, hormonally communicable. I am concerned that this nature is often punished and buried in barbies and hair ties. Women seem to be built to handle mentally complicated tasks at a young age. And though my daughter's dream of being a hairdresser is noble in itself, I was overjoyed the other day when she said that she wanted to be a scientist, an inventor or things that help people. #ChangeTheNorms

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