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Production of double EP: Mirage & Strange

Music in Today's World


In today's world it's never about just having one element of the project under control. Record labels are collapsing. Studios are collapsing. Sonic quality is on the rise while musical integrity is all over the place. My name is Joshua Love. I am an artist/composer/producer and I have published over 30 works in the past 10 years. Last year, I performed on Tencent Live to over 6 million viewers and have amassed a body of work that stretches across various genres. I've worked with record labels Modern Sky and Maybe Mars in Beijing, CaoTai inChengdu, toured quite extensively (China & Australia) and have relied upon these labels for so much that its about time I just do things myself.

Rebuilding After Leaving China


I left China last year, after 15 years, and relocated to Toronto, bringing my kids back to North America for their first time. All of the changes go deep. I started working on this album last November, originally planning to just release an single EP. What came out of months of production ended up being two. And you might be wondering why two EPs instead of just one singe album? Every human being has multiple sides of who they are. One side speaks with care and gentle concern; the other with command and certainty. I wanted the soul of this project to reflect the gentleness of what inspires our compassion and brute affections of what drives our ambitions.

After having lived abroad for so long, I feel the need to bring forth a new vision of the music industry and the integrity of the art coming through it. I have a cinematographer at my side for shooting videos, a recording studio here in Toronto and I plan to have all 13 songs mastered by Alex Saltz and APS Mastering in NYC. He has mastered releases for a diverse group of artists, including Vampire Weekend, Deer Tick, Steven Van Zandt, Stryper, and Janis Siegel of The Manhattan Transfer. He has already agreed to work with me and I am proud to say that this collection of music is my best-to-date.

I have been a firm believer in DIY practices since day one and I am confident that this album will speak volumes, opening the door for future creations. Your support is greatly appreciated.

***This Double-EP "Mirage" & "Strange" has been recorded and mixed in Toronto 2018.

Kickstarter Project: Production of double EP: Mirage & Strange


Risks and Challenges

Currently, the only risk is not being able to fund the Mastering process. The video is done; the mixing is done; the distributor is already contracted. This project will unfold. Any financing will facilitate the further production of videos and ensure a high quality mastering of the EPs.

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