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Kung Fu Leeuw 🐲 Officiële teaser 🧧 Chinees nieuwjaar in voorpremiere 🥠  16 februari in de bioscoop 🎥

Kung Fu Leeuw 🐲 Officiële teaser 🧧 Chinees nieuwjaar in voorpremiere 🥠 16 februari in de bioscoop 🎥

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Godzilla vs Kong [JCL Trailer Music]

Godzilla vs Kong [JCL Trailer Music]

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JCL Dune 2021 Trailer Music [Not Original Music]

JCL Dune 2021 Trailer Music [Not Original Music]

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Glimpse of the Pleiades by Joshua C Love

Glimpse of the Pleiades by Joshua C Love

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JCL Star Wars IX Trailer

JCL Star Wars IX Trailer

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Westworld - Spitfire Competition [Joshua C Love]

Westworld - Spitfire Competition [Joshua C Love]

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Blood in the Snow 2019 bumper

Blood in the Snow 2019 bumper

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A child's first interaction with the world is through vibration and sound. This resonance is the pathway to the soul, the only element of our senses that engages the mind directly.

"To Hold is to Hear."

BTS provides powerful and dynamic

one-stop original film scores, songs,  jingles, and voice-overs,

allowing your visual tales to reach epic heights. 

Butterfly Temples Studio LLC is a registered Film & TV Composer production studio located in Toronto, ON & Cleveland, OH. Joshua Love provides feature and short film scores, placements for television, voiceovers for video game and commercial projects. 

"We Create the Epic Eclectic" 

BTS - The Future of Sound

I crossed the world online and met Joshua through the far East. He fits perfectly with this Dutch coming of age film about Kung Fu where cooperation between North and South, East and West plays a very important role in terms of content but also in its realization. He knows how to beautifully translate his knowledge of the East into music and his open attitude made it very pleasant to work with him. 

Joshua is a real bridge builder!

-Froukje Tan-writer, director of Kung Fu Lion-

Joshua has a well honed abundance of creative vision and a succinct knack in his ability to nurture the creative talent in others. Joshua is able to deliver his own brand of stylistic wizardry while all the time remaining cognizant of the more pragmatic and professional requirements of the various projects he’s involved in.

- Carl Innes (Author) -

At the helm of Butterfly Temples Studio is Joshua C. Love; an exemplary artist, composer, producer, engineer and person. His work is intoxicatingly dreamlike and visceral. It's like exploring an imaged city of the future, with rich and incandescent tapestries, excitement and wonder.

-Alex Saltz at APS Mastering NYC -

Joshua is a top notch producer/artist that delivers high quality music every time. I’ve worked with him for a few years now on various video projects ranging from horror, fantasy to tech videos; and have been very happy with his work. Whether he produces customized music for my project or if he pulls something from his vast original music library he always gets me the music I need. He is able to work nimbly with tight deadlines and quick turnarounds.

I highly recommend Butterfly Temple Studios.

- Lance Fernandes (Director)-

Super Turnt.jpeg
Exit Point by David Mondin
Lost Soul Aside [2022] for PlayStation 5
HOME by Jiaxin Zheng

Notable Clients:
   Kung Fu Leeuw (2023)
   Octoroon (2023)
   Street Connected (2022)
   Karma (2022)
   Super Turnt (2021)
starring Harry Lennix & Jamal Woolard
   BRAVO TV (Real Housewives of Atlanta) 

   SONY PlayStation 5 - Lost Soul Aside (2022)
   Exit Point by David Mondin (2019)
   Blood in the Snow  Canadian Film Festival

   Shanghai Lingxi IT Co.,Ltd.
   Magnum Quest
   Simon Yu [Asst Dir]  (Transformers; Great Wall)
   Niru Kumar (CBC)
   Carl Innes (Author)

   Others: TEDx, Huawei, Panasonic, UNICEF, Beijing          Museum of Military and Strategy, Alibaba Cloud

MagnumQuest (Game)
Desiland by Niru Kumaar
The Thin Blue Line by Mani Mehramooz
The Attic by Carl Innes
Blood In The Snow Film Festival 2019

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