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Super Turnt || AppleTV-Prime-Tubi

Coming This Month on Amazon Prime- Apple TV - TUBI !

RILLA, a highly feared street-lord and rapper, has just been released from prison and finds that his immediate world has changed, but the dangers of the street remain the same.

After realizing that his common law wife Ladonna is not in love with him anymore, his only mission is to be a father to his son Kevin. In his absence his son and Ladonna have been having hard times.

Rita Robinson wants him to sign to her label with a slot on the TV show, TURNT. Rilla knows that this will put him back on top and in the position to take care of his family.

Zina Holloway re-appears with a similar plan of her own to regain custody of her son from Rillas ex-girlfriend, Ladonna by any means necessary.

The fight over their son becomes deadly and the music is now over powered by violence. Once again placing Rilla on the wrong side of the law.

Relying on his past mistakes & natural street smarts, Rilla out wit the enemies that be.

Releasing this month on Amazon Prime- Apple TV - TUBI

Directed by Mann Robinson

Film Score by Joshua Love

@therealjamalgravywoolard @torreihart


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