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Lost Soul Aside on PlayStation 5

The creators of Lost Soul Aside have reached out and requested a theme for one of the characters in this incredible game. I might have to get a PS5 just to see it in action. My sons are so excited to play this. The demo is already absolutely stunning. Better yet, the song, which I started writing in Xishuang Banna, near the border of Laos, in 2017, seemed to be the perfect match for what the company was looking for. I am not allowed to talk about it in detail until the game comes out, but its a beautiful and powerful song mixed by Josh Macintosh and mastered by Alex Saltz. I'm so excited for this. In addition to all of that excitement, we just found out some even more good news.

We are happy to officially announce today that the long awaited masterpiece, Lost Soul Aside, will also be coming to PlayStation 5. We hope you look forward to gaming and we appreciate your continued support.

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