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Happy May Day!!! BTS - Updates

Good day, all. The past month has been productive and I thought

I should give a little update on what Butterfly Temples Studio has been doing.

Be Still Official Video


-Sync Con Atlanta-

-New Songs-

-Film Scores-



As some of you may know from my social media, I went to a licensing conference in Atlanta last month where I had the great privilege of listening to Ade Ariyo, Janet Wade (Capitol, Turner), Romar Bennet (Cruel Summer/Engineer), Jamar Chess and Robert Chandler about approaches to either being a music supervisor or engaging one. The advice and guidance was assimilated like a sponge to water and the momentum has not slowed even the tiniest bit.

Romar Bennet Sync Con, Atlanta 2019



I have begun working with "Esan the Producer" from 2930 Music Group in Washington D.C., mixing a new track and talking about future collaborations. He likes to do film scores too and so we see eye-to-eye on certain elements of sound. I met him in Atlanta on the first night of the conference and we immediately hit it off. You should go check out his other work, follow him on Instagram and Twitter. He was able to bring out textures of the song and inject energy and bounce. It sounds great and I'm excited about mastering this and getting the artwork ready.

Alice Phoenix, CHK shoot

Lee Thomas Taylor - CHK Shoot

In addition to that song, I have another track that I began producing when I lived in Chengdu. It was originally supposed to be a collaboration with the band The Stolen, but somehow they became too busy with a European tour and the recording of their new album. I tried talking to a few other people about collaborating and nothing seemed to do. So I put it on a hard drive and left it. Then, in February, I had this crazy dream about being part of a time-project led by a clandestine organization which sought to deliver a message back in time. The message, a specific set of random words ("Silver in X-Sense") , was to be sent to 1870 (three years after Maxwell's Equation was hypothesized), handed down from one generation to the next, eventually delivered through a specified signal which would be retrieved on February 28th 2019 (#2-#22). It just so happens that 2+8+2+0+1+9=22 and February, the second month of the year, makes that #2-#22. The triad of 2s. Binary and Trinary or Ternary codes combined. We all sat nervously around a

smokey room, scientists in lab coats, machines beeping, and security outside. The radio just hummed. And at 2:22am the hum turned into a decayed message that repeated itself three times, twice. ["Maxwell - Wave - Copy - Silver in X-Sense"] As jubilant as the room was upon this record of the first successful time travel, an ominous stir of information began, as frantic military personnel and other agencies moved to make sure the information would not go public. The ramifications of time travel and the manipulation of historical events, the theme of films for decades, was a reality. It would draw wonder into our current situation and the philosophical questions surrounding our own sense of reality and how fragile it may be. There is more to the dream, but it was so vivid and wise to many degrees that I choose to leave out the ending details, which are vaguely slipped into the song. I am very excited to release that as well.

And what better opportunity to showcase these ideas than to perform them live, I have a show coming up in Hamilton, Ontario on June 15th and I'm definitely going to debut these two songs.

Stella Gotshtein

I have another emotional piano ballad being mixed now by Stella Gotshtein, title to be revealed soon. I'll probably write a whole blog post about that song (get out your wetnaps).



As you may or may not know, I have been working on more and more film related music this past year. I have made some very fun samples using as a video source. There is something about trombones and timpani that just rumble the gut. I have them posted here.

And, to top it all off, my first feature length credit is on its way as Film Score/Composer for Exit Point, directed by David Mondin. Exit Point has already achieved its first laurel as Semi-Finalist at FestPro Film Festival (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza and Vladimir) and is on its way to several other film festivals this year (incl. TIFF). I will be creating the film score for a TV show here in Toronto this June and have a few more projects in the shadows. I am excited to begin breaking into new spaces, new mind-sets and new projects.

I hope life is leading you all into places that bring you peace and I wish you well. Talk soon.

Be safe; be smart; be kind.


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