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The Art of the Collective Conscious

I'm very pleased to have met Phallon Dunn the past week. She runs a podcast from a quiet corner of Toronto, almost behind the train tracks, over the hill, through the valley and under the fog of radio waves . Starting up these conversations always comes with great effort, countless hours and much organization. We see the Joe Rogan podcast and assume its easy to chatter about scientific findings, DMT and explicit material. But there are a lot of variables that must meet properly in order for the quality of voice to engage the audience, a mass of listening ears and grazing eyes. I think these forms of communication are more and more vital to the social cohesion we've lost in the past 10 years due to technology. While there are pros and cons to all ebb-flow evolutions in society, the lack of having undocumented dinner parties results in being able to get deeper into the minds of the people around us. How many times have you been at a party and wished you were at home? I've been to many. I'd sit in the corner, avoiding conversation because it seemed to just be an animal exercise like when chimps show their teeth and pick bugs out of each other's arm-pits. Too many "what's up?" "how's it been?" repeat, rinse; repeat, rinse; repeat. Blah!

Getting into a real connection with what lies at the foundation of a person's thought process is what makes us good friends, so why wouldn't we want to establish more sound communication resulting in more understandable and profound connections. This is why I think trust is essential to our growth and this is why I'm in full support of what Phallon Dunn is doing. Yeah, that's her real name. It comes from the mystical cavern of colorful and flourishing legends... you should ask her about it. She'll take you down that path.

Phallon Dunn will be releasing her new book "How To Be Fucking Happy", this spring 2019.

Check out The Phallon Dunn Show here:

I will forever support these kinds of efforts to reach out to the community and lift up minds. After all, what little impact we do have on the world comes through the mobilization and sharing of our collective mindsets.

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