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"When I approach a beat, I approach it with a story."

Check out Alice Winters' trailer for Musical Star Seed, a collection of local artists and producers coming together to talk about the momentum of their personal work and various collaborations from 2018, along with material to be released in 2019. If the city never sleeps, that's because the studio lights are on 24/7. The art of production and creativity have never been more accessible than they are now. And with the evolution of technology in the past 10 years, local studios like Ape Audio and Butterfly Temples Studio are pushing out material almost as fast as you can listen. That's not to say that the quality is taking a dive, it just means you don't have the same hang ups as you do in larger studios. Its Etcha-sketch vs 3D Printing nowadays. And what's more intriguing is that the lyrical narrative can get closer and closer to day-to-day events. Albums in the past always ran the risk of speaking on truths that passed too quickly. They latched onto trends and quickly became outdated. Now the studio, like the pen, is more readily available to turn out the most raw content possible. That being said, who doesn't want to hear something that is tied to an event that happened a week ago? To maintain the pulse and vision, we must keep our hearts and our ears to the ground. And never let go of the fleeting moments that make our lives the brilliant shades of 'now' that will be celebrated throughout time.

What are YOU working on?

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