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JCL - Mirage - Available in All Stores

Photo by Michal Pachniewski

The wait is over. Joshua C Love, the China to Toronto songwriter, tears away all the filters on his debut album to share a euphorically hopeful statement that washes over you like an ethereal rush.

After a year in the studio producing beats and recording local Toronto musicians, Joshua C Love is now unveiling his own collection of emotive pieces inspired from the contentious shift from his previous Prog-Rock project Proximity Butterfly. One would say that the music is the difference between The Mars Volta and Bon Iver, soaking in boldly melodic and touching lyrics, like "We're made to make each other smile/ Just eat an apple and forget." The new album, with a hint of flavors from Dizzy Love's self-titled release in 2016, has engaged a new shape of writing, one that Love states is more hopeful and optimistic about the direction of the future.

While there is no direct stab at the presidency, opioid abuse, clean water or school shootings, the temper of this album delicately draws upon the wounds that illustrate our current difficulties. In These Trees, Love states "I just don’t believe something in the words

Photo by Michal Pachniewski

you say/ There’s something in your eye that tells me you’re a fool". The lyrics weave us through that fabric of trust that enlivens society as a whole. While Dream in Flowers takes us through the process of regaining hope and confidence, realigning our responsibility to the next generation by standing tall and keeping our dreams larger than ourselves.

There are so many hidden messages in this album that you could put it on loop and go throughout your day warmly embracing the inner dialogues, welcoming the intimate reflections that make Mirage a soothing antidote to today's seemingly dizzying optical illusions.

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