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It's Almost Here... Mirage

With his triumphantly anticipated debut album, the China to Toronto songwriter tears away all the filters to share a euphorically hopeful statement that washes over you like an ethereal rush.

Following in the footsteps unlike any other singer/songwriter in waiting, Joshua C. Love has taken his turn guesting a televised Tan WeiWei concert in Beijing. Love’s appearance, however, stood out when he musically inspired his host, encouraging a live collaboration ('生命之樹 (Live) Tan Weiwei') and release available on iTunes worldwide. Writhing and captivating the studio stage of The Next Big Thing for 9 million fans without missing a beat of ‘These Trees’ and ‘Perfect Soul’, he cut the picture of an artist well-versed in mega-proportioned stadiums. The US born, Chinese-influenced artist’s debut record ‘Mirage’ is appropriately named, too, with a title that befits a man who has already shifted effortlessly into full-blown experimental-pop stardom.

August 31st, tomorrow, is the release of Joshua C. Love’s critically acclaimed debut album, Mirage.

Available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet

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