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Soundtrack for David Mondin's Exit Point

I've spent the last month working on the soundtrack for a movie called Exit Point. It was filmed in Puerto Rico by David Mondin (Director) and he has been living in Toronto for the past year working on the editing. It details the life of a young adult on the verge of choosing between a life of education and crime. When he robs the wrong guy, he's left in a spiraling conundrum of bosses, drugs, cash and dead bodies. He means well in his efforts to help those around him, but gets swallowed up into a cyclical game of revenge and murder. The only way to get rest is simply to step out of that circle, but his problem is not leaving, it's finding the exit point.

I had a great time putting together the music for the movie and it just evolved so fluidly that the story just told itself. I'm looking forward to its release in 2018. And I'm looking forward to working on more and more projects with David Mondin.

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