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Perfect Soul

About a year and a half ago I was riding my bicycle to work and this beautiful melody came into my mind. The wind was blowing on my face this melody made me think of my daughter, her innocent and pure curiosities. I immediately saw her in my mind daydreaming and painting. In chengdu, we lived on the 28th floor of a high rise apartment and the walls were a kind of industrial white. The kids had a natural tendency to draw on them and we took pride in their artworks. We would show guests the latest creations and soon our house was full of wonderful artwork. Our daughter was full of imagination and always telling stories. I felt such a strong connection to her childish ways, her exploding gaze and wandering eyes. This stuck with me. The illustrations poured and before I knew it one of my favourite songs was ready to record. Stories should be close to home. This one goes to the core of that home.

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